For Many years I have helped others

develop mindsets for success, Today!, It's my time to help YOU!


My gift to you,

"A book that can change your mind."

I cannot say enough about how I was helped and in some areas of my life transformed by Ghramae's coaching sessions. He is well versed in universal law and wisdom. He uses neuroscience, psychology and NLP techniques to bring about change, Powerful!!

Tom Mojet

CEO & Founder

Mojet Luxury Clothing

Ghramae has impacted me and really made a turnaround in my life. It's been a journey that has seen many 360 degree changes and still going, what can I say, if you need real, tangible life change, he's the guy.

Tais Bliss

CEO & Founder

Art of Bliss Holistic Coach

Ghramae Johnson

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