Let me start with some context,

  • I was born in 1969.
  • I am a middle child
  • I grew up in a lower working class neighbourhood,
    I experienced many of the hardships and challenges you would expect from this type of environment.
  • I died 3 times from Asthma attacks and was resuscitated and brought back to life on 3 separate occasions – I will write about this another time and what those experiences blessed me with.

As I grew up through scarcity and disfunction, my confusion about myself, life and it’s purpose grew.
However, fortunately I didn’t allow pessimism to completely take over (although, it nearly did at times),

One Day, at the age of 11 years old – I found a piece of Motivation

‘in my KITCHEN, of all places, lol’ …

While sitting in the living room one day, I heard a conversation coming from the kitchen between my mother and her friend.

As I doodled in my drawing book, I overheard something that changed my life forever.
My mum’s friend turned to my mum and said,

Do you realise, all we do is … work hard all day at something we don’t enjoy, only to finish –  go home and prepare to go back again?

This statement sent shivers down my spine and stirred up motivation deep within me, motivation to start finding ways to avoid the life they described.

From that day on, I was driven to try and live a life that I was passionate about.

Soon I gravitated towards Psychology, Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, religion, and Universal Law.
I started to consume everything I could that would add to my understanding of a happy, passionate and purpose filled  life.

Years later, my first career accomplishment came when I entered the Fashion Industry. In 1984, I confidently approached the international music group, Soul

Pop sensation soul to soul

no1. International Pop Band

to Soul.
This was unusually bold and fearless as I had no experience in the field and above all, i was born coloured blind (i can look back and laugh now:).

Though I was born colour blind and many told me that a job in the fashion industry, certainly as a top designer, for an international brand would be impossible.
Anyway, after negotiating a lucrative contract via Mona Marketing, Soul to Soul hired me as their Senior Designer.

With this position came much responsibility and the ability to hire and manage fashion shows.

One year after starting at Soul to Soul and at the same time, I decided to simultaneously open my first London clothing shop in Harrow, North West London.

Two years later, I took up an interest in classic car importing. I began importing classics into England from the USA.

Though I loved this new venture, I still felt something was missing.
I decided to enrolled in a University and began to study Psychology and other self development modules.

Towards the end of my course, I then started a self employed career sourcing Investment property

for a group of wealthy Investors, I worked as an independent Investment Property Finder.

However, after a while I realised I was on the wrong side of the desk, recieving relatively small commissions instead of building my own empire.
Hence, within a few years, I changed position and I became the owner of an extensive London property portfolio.

I became a sort after property consultant / coach and agent, assisting high net worth individuals extend their portfolios.

I was eventually asked to put some of my methods in a book, so In 2012 I authored and published a book, entitled The PBE System – How to Become Financially Free Investing in Property.Ghramae johnson book
Apart from entrepreneurial mindset training, it featured a guide that would show investors a simple way to build a property portfolio, create passive and recurring income and also how to establish the property once bought.

I Naturally flowed into Life and success Coaching as I extended my focus from wealth creation to success in every area of life.

Today I am an Entrepreneur, Author, Success Coach and life enthusiast.
I am authentically driven, purpose led and still super buzzed about helping others realise their true potential.

To your Greatest Version

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