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Miss this & Miss True SUCCESS
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  We can get so immersed in life that we miss the KEYs to building Success? So many of us are so focused on external achievements and issues that we take our focus off growing our control room, which is our wisdom, emotional management and character. It’s like having powerful Atomic energy available to you…

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The Day I was introduced to Myself
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A wonderful story from my coaching client – Mr BLake As I posed and assumed the position, the flash of the camera continuously let off a piercing brilliant white light. The confetti and balloons filled the atmosphere with celebration and cheer. It was the day of my wedding, As more guests were turning up and…

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What Parts of Yourself are you Feeding?
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Did you realize – your dominant character has been binging? Before we get started, let’s get the record straight, we’re not talking about the Body – nutrition, superfoods or diets. We’re talking about parts of your Soul & Mind being fed. There are different models that help us to understand the various parts that make…

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2016 … what a year! It has been a quick year for me, however a year of many seasons, episodes and lessons. I say ‘a quick year’ as it seemed as though there were a few months missed out, I don’t know. However, looking back I have learned and changed so much this year, changes…

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