“I am driven by my deep seated belief that everyday is a gift and every moment is a chance to enjoy. I believe we are here on earth for a relatively short time, However long enough to make a difference to others and have serious fun becoming our best versions.”

Ghramae Johnson

What can I say about me? … Well, for starters, I just love playing my piano and creating music with my (little Diva) niece.

I love roller skating in Hyde park in the summer months. I love dinner and drinks in nice restaurants, watching live bands, concerts on the beach. I adore travelling the world alone and with friends. Spending time with my family and friends. Interior design and art are both close to my heart. I collect wrist watches and like clothes. I’m also extremely homely and love cooking meals whilst dancing around my kitchen to music. I lose myself in writing, teaching, and coaching. I find the challenge of business ventures and meaningful projects exciting. I love the fact that I can fully enjoy the world and it’s illusions but at the same time always be anchored into my true authentic self (I call this home).

One of my greatest passions in life is to see people become aware of and motivated towards creating and living their happiest most fulfilling lives. It’s simply my Buzz.

As an experienced life and success coach, trained by the famous Anthony Robbins school besides being Certified in NLP, EFT, Reiki, I have practiced mentoring, coaching and motivating people into their greatness since 2001. My coaching skill and tool box have grown and evolved through experiencing my own extraordinary personal life journey, my dynamic entrepreneural ventures, property consultancy and as a spiritual truth-seeker. I draw on all of these precious and valuable sources when coaching a client to success, as I’ve found this to be the most balanced and effective way of achieving outstanding results, fast.

I have made it a golden rule to only work with a small number of clients, at any one time, ensuring a high level of support, enabling my clients to move swiftly through the process of change, transformation and growth.

I pride myself on my legacy of awesome client transformations and testimonials. My Clients become fearless, wise, inspired and inspiring, armed with self knowledge, able to change direction, motivated, energetic, ready to live their Ultimate lives of health, wealth and happiness.

We move towards clarity of mind and a clear perception of life, by understanding your power base, external resistance and beliefs that just don’t serve your greatest version. We organise important thoughts, explore concepts and eliminate what needs to be disregarded.

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